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August 10th, 2012

First off, thanks SO much for taking the time to look around the site. It took me a while to work up the courage to start, but the blog finally went live to the public in May of 2012, and I am really glad with the outcome thus far. With lots of encouragement from friends, family, and even strangers, I've been managing things pretty well. I actually get a lot of help from friends that are sweet and patient enough to take the time to photograph each outfit for me. Some of those people include Rachel Ruttle, Aoife Rosso, Erica Caso, Brena Sena, Bianca Sena, Mimi Katz, and Ryan Connor.

I wanted to have this blog for a few reasons. I've followed a few fashion bloggers for quite some time, and have really admired the positive impact they've made. They've helped me discover my style and taught me to go outside my comfort zone in what I typically would wear. They've given me ideas of what to wear when I felt like I had nothing interesting. For those kinds of days, I recommend going online to LookBook or Polyvore-- sometimes even Tumblr-- for inspiration. Having said that, I wish that maybe I could provide the same to young ladies out there. In addition, this blog distracts me from everything stressful and hectic that may or may not be going on, and allows me to channel my energy into something that gets me really psyched and happy.

Through this blog, I strive to express my sense of style and share products, clothes, and experiences, all while trying to inspire those who are in love with fashion and beauty as much as I'm discovering I am. I hope my blog isn't perceived as anything close to egocentric, as I try to direct the attention to the clothes and products--as well as food in some cases-- as opposed to just on myself.

My contact information is listed below. I'd be more than thrilled to do some collaboration work with those with little to a lot of experience. I encourage everyone to comment on posts, ask me questions, and even give suggestions on whatever scenario. All are much appreciated :) Again, thank you so much for reading if you have continued on this far haha, and I hope you enjoy as I open up my life to you one post at a time.

Yours Truly

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Full Name: Katie Bishop-Schaffer


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