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Just a jumble of things that I've been up to slash eating over the past couple months...
1. Mango and strawberry mochi from Trader Joe's!
2. Marshmallow Latte
3. Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcake
4. Birthday cupcakes from Mom
1. Geja Cafe menu: if you like fondue, you MUST try this place for a special occasion!
2. Appetizers: fruit and bread with cheese fondue
3. Entree: Seafood with 8 different sauces... ugh! So good
4. Dessert chocolate fondue ;)
1. N9NE roasted s'mores dessert
2. Chocolate Mint Truffle tea
3. Sandwiches and pastries
4. Aoife and I at High Tea in the Drake Hotel 
1. My crunch time fashion illustration assignment: watercolor and fine liner
2. Applied Drawing class assignment: colored pencil
3. Bringing some life to my room with pretty flowers
4. Jeffrey Campbell Litas :)


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