A Sneak-Peek for WP Ad

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School has been extremely busy. Midterms have been going on for the past week, so there have been projects and tests, which means lots of studying! I wish I had more time to go out and shoot for the blog, but it can get a little hard balancing a social life amongst getting school work done. My birthday is coming up November 1st; 20 sounds so old! I sometimes still feel trapped at the age of 18, though :)

Anyway, a project that a couple friends and I worked on last weekend was for a short Wicked Peacock ad. We have a rough final in store, and are waiting for last finishing touch ups. I'm so excited to share it, but for now I'd like to show you still frames from the 40 sec film.

Products featured:
Agate Tooth Earrings: NCB Jewelry
Bead Bracelet: Magdalena Stokalska
Nest Ring: Bevin Jewelry

This project was so much fun executing with Aoife Rosso and Patrick Richter. I cannot wait to post the final product. We spent several hours putting together this short ad, and hope to have given justice to the beautiful jewelry.


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