Behind-the-Scenes of "Wicked"

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In early August, I joined Silvana Costa in New Hampshire to help out behind-the-scenes in Bob Packert's short film concept on good vs. evil starring freelance models Jimmy Trapella, Anna Mills, and Dawnmarie Currier. They all totally rocked it in this dark and erie original piece, and you can check out the finished product below!

Wicked Shoot (Concept by Bob Packert)
Hair: Liz Kidder
Make-up: Teague Vivolo
Styling: Silvana Costa
Jewelry: Magdalena Stokalska and Silvana Costa

Jimmy & Anna
 Teague & Jimmy
 Teague & Anna
 Bob, Jimmy, & Bob Packert (far right)
 Silvana, Dawn, Magdalena, & Anna
 Anna & Liz
Bob Packert


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