Behind-the-Scenes of "Wicked"

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In early August, I joined Silvana Costa in New Hampshire to help out behind-the-scenes in Bob Packert's short film concept on good vs. evil starring freelance models Jimmy Trapella, Anna Mills, and Dawnmarie Currier. They all totally rocked it in this dark and erie original piece, and you can check out the finished product below!

Wicked Shoot (Concept by Bob Packert)
Hair: Liz Kidder
Make-up: Teague Vivolo
Styling: Silvana Costa
Jewelry: Magdalena Stokalska and Silvana Costa

Jimmy & Anna
 Teague & Jimmy
 Teague & Anna
 Bob, Jimmy, & Bob Packert (far right)
 Silvana, Dawn, Magdalena, & Anna
 Anna & Liz
Bob Packert

Tamar Toramanian with Wicked Peacock

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In addition to teaming up with Sadie, Wicked Peacock was also lucky enough to work with Tamar from Model Club Inc. In this shoot, we styled one of a kind products from Sikara Jewelry that looked absolutely stunning on Tamar. Take a look at a few of my favorite shots below.

Styling: Silvana Costa

Sadie Palmer with Wicked Peacock

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In late July, Wicked Peacock teamed up with 17 year old model, Sadie Palmer from Dynasty Models & Talent Agency, to execute an unforgettable fashion shoot that featured jewelry from designer Sophie Hughes and a highly raved about pair of Black Milk leggings. I'm excited to finally share some of my favorite captured shots.

Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park

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Every year in early September Chicago puts on a huge Craft Fair along Division Street in Wicker Park. I attended this event last year and came across some great talent. This year I decided to document some of my favorite vendors and share the different kinds of art people have crafted. I love this neighborhood. Division Street seemed to be filled with lots of bars, cafes/restaurants, thrift stores, and so on. I can't wait to go back and shop around all their vintage stores.

Alapash terrariums! Beautiful, beautifullll artistically planted. I bought a baby cactus terrarium last year and really loved it.
We stopped by a bakery that sold really delicious looking treats.
Grilling up a storm on the sidewalk
Sparrow Collective showcased their handmade work by independent designers. The two pictures above show some of my favorite pieces. Another fantastic jewelry business that I failed to capture a decent photo of goes by SNA$H Jewelry. They had some beautiful rings and necklaces with claw-like designs.
Jo Snow had a very yummy tasting Tangerine Lavender Honey snow cone!
Mojo Spa was handing out free soap samples that smelled amazing! I love how they make all their products look edible; it makes me want to purchase them even more :)
And here I am enjoying a pressed bruschetta sandwich at Prasino!
Wearing my sweater from LF :)

Chicago Bound!

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I'm finally all moved in to my Chicago home. I've attended almost all my new classes, and so far so good! I can't wait to start this year off right and have lots of fun exploring the city. It may be a little harder to keep up with weekly posts, but I'm gonna try my best! The photos below were taken on an Architectural Chicago Boat Tour on Sunday. I feel like I've been on a lot of boats this summer! Anyway, the views were really great, but hard to capture. In addition, it was a pretty cloudy day, so they're not outstanding... but I wanted to share nonetheless!
A boat tour en route down the river
I think the Chicago Tribune is probably my favorite building. The tour guide said the stones were from all over the world; the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, etc.
First level of the Trump Tower