Marie Claire: Beauty Road Show Feature

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It was a Saturday after I got cut early from work. I had been at Sonsie for just 1 hour during the dreadfully slow brunch shift. I was waiting for a ride home, but decided to walk down Newbury Street to shop a little and burn time. As I made my way past Starbucks, a woman came running behind me. It turned out to be Maureen Choi from Marie Claire magazine, and they wanted to feature me in the Boston street style section for September's issue! I was flattered and a little flustered given I wasn't wearing my usual attire. I didn't feel dressed up or prepared. I had on the same black dress I wore in a previous post, actually. I walked back and waited with some lovely ladies from Marie Claire outside Starbucks, and was brought out to Comm Ave where we spent literally 5 minutes getting a variety of full body and head shots with the photographer. I was given a fresh tube of red lipstick beforehand, signed some papers, and went on with my day. I think for these types of things you really just have to be in the right place at the right time. This crew was coming from New York City just for the day and happened to catch me at that particular hour on Newbury.

After waiting a week for the September issue to be out on newsstands... here is what I found! Just as a little FYI, the quotes in here are not 100% accurate. I'm far from obsessed with my hair. I always think modifications would be nice, and I've never been fully satisfied with the ombré effect.


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