Camping Adventure in Maine

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This trip was mainly driven from a longing to travel back to my favorite childhood places in Maine. It felt so good to see that from 7 years ago, Maine has not changed much. All the places I used to go to were still in business and looked the same to me. We visited Thomaston, Rockland, the Union Fair... Below are some snapshots of our camping adventure.
 Jiffy pop!
 Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland... this was a 7/8 mile long stone path that led to a lighthouse.
 You can sort of see here how tricky it was to walk along the path. You always had to be looking down to make sure you didn't fall into any holes.
 The view from our campsite.
Two pictures by the ocean from a very dear and special place I used to go to every summer until I was 12 years old. We called it Blueberry Cove and it is still located in Tenants Harbor.


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