A Delicious Treat

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Several days ago I was craving a dessert-like snack that involved caramelized something. I remembered a time I was either in Mexico or Spain and tried fried banana covered in a caramelized coat. It was delicious! I researched a quick and easy recipe resembling something like what I had abroad... and thought I'd share it on my blog :)

First, you need to gather the ingredients: butter, sugar, and bananas.
I used two bananas and cut them once lengthwise and across to look like this.
Then, I poured sugar onto a small plate and covered the banana pieces entirely with sugar.
After this, you just slice a small amount of butter (2 tablespoons) and melt it on a pan over medium heat. Then, you place the banana pieces in...
...and wait for each side to turn a nice golden color like above (about 5 minutes)!
Serve hot with a little whipped cream and enjoy :)


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