Red Sox vs. Royals

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I finally went to my first Red Sox game on Saturday. It was so much fun seeing everything first hand as opposed to on the screen. I'm not a huge fan of baseball, but it was still enjoyable and worth going. We got to see a few home runs before we had to leave, too. Here are some pictures of the experience. I'd love to go again-- maybe even to a Cubs game in Chicago. Only 5 more days until I move in!

Into the Woods

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A quick photo shoot with Erica
dress / urban outfitters, jewelry / WICKED PEACOCK and urban outfitters, flats / aldo

A Delicious Treat

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Several days ago I was craving a dessert-like snack that involved caramelized something. I remembered a time I was either in Mexico or Spain and tried fried banana covered in a caramelized coat. It was delicious! I researched a quick and easy recipe resembling something like what I had abroad... and thought I'd share it on my blog :)

First, you need to gather the ingredients: butter, sugar, and bananas.
I used two bananas and cut them once lengthwise and across to look like this.
Then, I poured sugar onto a small plate and covered the banana pieces entirely with sugar.
After this, you just slice a small amount of butter (2 tablespoons) and melt it on a pan over medium heat. Then, you place the banana pieces in...
...and wait for each side to turn a nice golden color like above (about 5 minutes)!
Serve hot with a little whipped cream and enjoy :)

Camping Adventure in Maine

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This trip was mainly driven from a longing to travel back to my favorite childhood places in Maine. It felt so good to see that from 7 years ago, Maine has not changed much. All the places I used to go to were still in business and looked the same to me. We visited Thomaston, Rockland, the Union Fair... Below are some snapshots of our camping adventure.
 Jiffy pop!
 Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland... this was a 7/8 mile long stone path that led to a lighthouse.
 You can sort of see here how tricky it was to walk along the path. You always had to be looking down to make sure you didn't fall into any holes.
 The view from our campsite.
Two pictures by the ocean from a very dear and special place I used to go to every summer until I was 12 years old. We called it Blueberry Cove and it is still located in Tenants Harbor.

Oh, Kiss Me Beneath the Milky Twilight

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From Tuesday's shoot with Erica at Larz :) We got to catch a lovely sunset just before we left. The weather was perfect, and so was the view of Boston from the top of the hill. I'm going to miss being in Boston once again for college, but I know this coming year will bring new and exciting people and things into my life. I can hardly wait for Chicago. It'll feel really nice mixing up my surrounding environment and being plopped into the big city.
top / lf, heels / Pour la Victoire

Marie Claire: Beauty Road Show Feature

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It was a Saturday after I got cut early from work. I had been at Sonsie for just 1 hour during the dreadfully slow brunch shift. I was waiting for a ride home, but decided to walk down Newbury Street to shop a little and burn time. As I made my way past Starbucks, a woman came running behind me. It turned out to be Maureen Choi from Marie Claire magazine, and they wanted to feature me in the Boston street style section for September's issue! I was flattered and a little flustered given I wasn't wearing my usual attire. I didn't feel dressed up or prepared. I had on the same black dress I wore in a previous post, actually. I walked back and waited with some lovely ladies from Marie Claire outside Starbucks, and was brought out to Comm Ave where we spent literally 5 minutes getting a variety of full body and head shots with the photographer. I was given a fresh tube of red lipstick beforehand, signed some papers, and went on with my day. I think for these types of things you really just have to be in the right place at the right time. This crew was coming from New York City just for the day and happened to catch me at that particular hour on Newbury.

After waiting a week for the September issue to be out on newsstands... here is what I found! Just as a little FYI, the quotes in here are not 100% accurate. I'm far from obsessed with my hair. I always think modifications would be nice, and I've never been fully satisfied with the ombré effect.


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My last shoot with Brena :( Here are various things from H&M that I put together for Thursday's outfit shoot on Comm Ave. 
top, earrings cuff, wedges / h&m

After the Show

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Taken by Ryan
dress / urban outfitters
Taken by myself
Ryan's shot of a sailboat
Provincetown Tower
Like cotton candy :P

Whale Watch

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The first batch of photos document the dozens of whales we saw on our cruise. I have never seen so many at one time. They were huge and beautiful-- my jaw couldn't stop dropping. We were lucky enough to see two breech, which apparently is quite rare. I even got a photo, which made me super excited :) So glad I can share the experience.
Tail lobbing
There were several whales right next to this fisherman's boat
Spouts that kept spitting at us
Another whale watch boat
My best shot of a breaching whale
We saw about 2 dozen Humpbacks that evening

Next post shows sunset photos :)