Tall Ships in Boston Harbor

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Took a long train ride over to Boston Harbor to see the Tall Ships coming in from Ecuador. A lady told me one boat measured as long as 259 feet! They were so beautiful and intricate. I wish I had the opportunity to be sailed out into the ocean in one of them. A family friend (Mimi) and I went aboard two ships and were lucky it wasn't too crowded. The weather was just perfect, too-- not too hot with just the right amount of wind to feel cool. I snapped a couple shots of the ships (above) and the portraits below were taken by Mimi Katz. See her photography blog at http://blog.mimikatz.com/.

hat / cape cod, top / romwe, shorts / pacsun, bag / aldo, wedges / michael kors


leahgellineau said...

i LOVE the sunhat. Where did you get it??

Katie said...

:) Martha's Vineyard last summer!

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