Happy 4th!

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Like last year, Ryan and I decided to relax along the Charles River before the fireworks began. We spent the whole day in the heat on our blanket, fetched some food, and around 10:30pm the fireworks went off. There was talk about a thunder storm approaching, so many people had left, which gave us a chance to find a better spot ;). It started pouring like crazy, but I fortunately still got a few nice shots of the show. Jennifer Hudson performed at the Oval and sang her award-winning hit "I'm Not Living Without You" live. And it was beautiful...! Here are photos of how we spent the 4th of July in a nutshell.
dress / delhi international boutique, fedora / urban outfitters
My way too sweet piƱa colada in a panda carved coconut :)
Yummy Italian ice: watermelon, blue vanilla, and lemon
View of the boats on the Charles as the sun was setting
Multi-colored sunset... this picture doesn't do it justice
...I kind of like the silhouette of the couple in front!


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