Sunday Evening

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Yesterday was filled with lots of driving around and rushing, but luckily I was able to enjoy a nice day at Nantasket beach beforehand. It was crowded beyond belief, but after a little searching my friends and I found a comfy spot to stay. I didn't think I would actually go that far into the water, but I nearly covered my whole self in the ocean. It felt so refreshing and perfect in the 80 degree heat. Afterwards I went out to dinner with family, and then Brena and I ventured around Allston for our weekly outfit shoot :)! Here is what I wore Sunday evening...
shorts / nastygal, sandals / steve madden, top / hand-me-down

Recent Purchases

~ ~
VS gift from Ryan, UO sunglasses, LIT Boutique necklace... a tip for jewelry that causes allergic reactions such as turning your skin green or creating a rash is to cover the jewelry with clear nail polish!
Kerastase leave-in softener... makes my hair super smooth and hydrated after being bleached so much
Mrs. Whippy, Ma Bar, and Yuzu and Cocoa... all scents similar to cupcakes and chocolate
Finally new sandals :)

Boston Harbor Dinner Cruise

~ ~
Yesterday night's cruise was absolutely incredible <3
dress / forever21, clutch / bimba & lola, flats / aldo
One of three decks!
Our first course: Lobster Bisque and Mixed Greens with Strawberries and Apples
View from the bow with the city of Boston in back :)
Second course: Orange-Ginger Glazed Salmon and Mushroom Braised Short Ribs!
Our dessert choices of Chocolate Truffle Torte and Cheesecake! We told them it was our anniversary, even though it was 3 months ago hehe ;)
Boston city lights
An attempt using flash with the iPhone

90 Degree Weather

~ ~
Friday was so hot! I think it reached the 90's. I was so glad I had a car to drive to Newbury instead of taking the train. I put this outfit together in a pinch and am fairly satisfied with the way everything came together. I purchased both the sunglasses and necklace on the same day :)

I really need to go shopping for new clothes one of these weeks. Friday was totally unsuccessful. I hate it when it feels like there is nothing worth purchasing in stores... I might resort to online shopping this year! We'll see what Chicago has in store in September.
sunglasses / urban outfitters, necklace / lit, top / ralph lauren, shorts / ten25, sandals / undergroundbyjourneys

Little Black Dress #1

~ ~
Took a nice stroll through Kelleher Rose Garden today with Brena and Bianca. It was so pretty, but way too hot out! Afterwards, we checked out the SoWa market once again. I saw some of the same things as last time and almost made purchases, but decided a lot of it was junk that I wouldn't use, let alone need. I still love looking at it all though :) Maybe someday when I get my own apartment I will come back and buy some vintage things to decorate.
dress / urban outfitters, heels / coloriffics
For this "perfect" bun hairstyle, I used an accessory like this... It's super easy and quick!

Island Creek Oyster Bar

~ ~
Finally got a chance to go to Island Creek Oyster Bar. Ryan and I kind of decided on a whim, and ended up enjoying it :) Sorry the photos aren't sharp... I took them with my iPhone instead of the Nikon.
...We ordered:
-No Shell Prince Edward Island Mussels with white wine cream, garlic, shallots, and parsley
-Island Creek Oysters
-Grilled Faroe Island Salmon with pearl pasta, shiitake mushrooms, and English pea purée
-Lobster Roll with kettle chips and cole slaw
The grilled salmon was the best I've ever had! And not bad for my first time eating oysters... a little slimy though :P

Happy 4th!

~ ~
Like last year, Ryan and I decided to relax along the Charles River before the fireworks began. We spent the whole day in the heat on our blanket, fetched some food, and around 10:30pm the fireworks went off. There was talk about a thunder storm approaching, so many people had left, which gave us a chance to find a better spot ;). It started pouring like crazy, but I fortunately still got a few nice shots of the show. Jennifer Hudson performed at the Oval and sang her award-winning hit "I'm Not Living Without You" live. And it was beautiful...! Here are photos of how we spent the 4th of July in a nutshell.
dress / delhi international boutique, fedora / urban outfitters
My way too sweet piña colada in a panda carved coconut :)
Yummy Italian ice: watermelon, blue vanilla, and lemon
View of the boats on the Charles as the sun was setting
Multi-colored sunset... this picture doesn't do it justice
...I kind of like the silhouette of the couple in front!

Tall Ships in Boston Harbor

~ ~
Took a long train ride over to Boston Harbor to see the Tall Ships coming in from Ecuador. A lady told me one boat measured as long as 259 feet! They were so beautiful and intricate. I wish I had the opportunity to be sailed out into the ocean in one of them. A family friend (Mimi) and I went aboard two ships and were lucky it wasn't too crowded. The weather was just perfect, too-- not too hot with just the right amount of wind to feel cool. I snapped a couple shots of the ships (above) and the portraits below were taken by Mimi Katz. See her photography blog at

hat / cape cod, top / romwe, shorts / pacsun, bag / aldo, wedges / michael kors

Legal C Bar

~ ~
I had been craaaving mussels for weeks. Working at a restaurant does that to you every time you smell or see a meal coming from the kitchen. My mom took me out to Legal last night and we shared some delicious food. I took these with my iPhone, so I apologize for the less than great quality.
Soft Shell Crab: served with gazpacho and black beans (my first time eating crab like this).
Sautéed Mussels: white wine, shallots and butter. The second most delicious mussels I've ever had, yum yum!
Seafood Paella: fish, shellfish and chorizo in a saffron tomato broth.