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I've been incredibly busy with moving everything out of my college dorm and back to Boston. So glad to be home, but already missing the big city. A lot is going on in my first week back. I've been running around downtown in search for a job, and I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and am making a fast recovery! My mouth only hurts a little, but the pain killers help a bunch. I'm just relieved I don't have swelling :) I've also been emailing back and forth with Wicked Peacock, and will start doing some freelance work real soon with them. So excited! Check out their Facebook page here! As I mentioned in a previous post, the Wicked Peacock live site should be up and running around June.

I finally got the Romwe top I ordered a few weeks ago. I love the detailing around the collar.

Romwe Sequin Collar Blouse


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