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I am long overdue for posting, but I plan to post some exciting new things this week to make up for running behind :) This past week has been incredibly busy! It feels like I have been on Newbury Street everyday. I landed a job with Sonsie and Zara, and have been working with Wicked Peacock, as well. It's all very exciting, yet a bit stressful at the same time. I have some fun behind-the-scene photos from our fashion photo shoot with G2O Salon and Spa on Newbury from the other day. Those will be up as soon as I get permission to post ;)

Last week I decided to try brightening my ombré hair with Revlon's Color Silk hair dye in the color Ultra Light Ash Blonde (05). Words can't explain how happy I felt after washing it out and seeing the results. After having spent a fortune on altering my hair color from a disastrous bright orange, I was thrilled to have stumbled upon the YouTube video that directed me to this particular color. What's even more amazing is that this cost me $5 at Walgreens! I've gotten many compliments from a couple salons while walking around Newbury. I definitely know what to purchase the next time I want to brighten the ends of my hair without turning them orange.

Revlon Hair Dye in Ultra Light Ash Blonde

For anyone with hair as dark as mine and interested in doing something like the ombré hair style, something to keep in mind is that black hair has to break through the color orange before it can reach a blonde. Once it has done that, this dye will take care of the rest. It's less harmful than using bleach and far cheaper ;)


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