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A jumble of things in my room:
TopShop Summer 2011 LookBook
As I was coming out of my building the other day, a girl was handing out TopShop's summer lookbook! This may have been my favorite page. There's something about the pastel color palette that really held my attention. I also received Teen Vogue's May issue in the mail ;)

 A friend custom made this triptych for me awhile back. Check out his other paintings here!

 I love displaying my earrings like this! I used an old bureau runner that belonged to my grandmother. The funny thing is that I casually wear less than half of these.

 Below my earring display I have more jewelry and a small perfume collection.
My all time favorites are Chlo√© and Chanel Mademoiselle <3

I am in love with this gold owl that I found at a vintage shop in Wicker Park. It stands at almost half a foot tall.

Red Velvet Cupcake Candles from Target
These are the best smelling candles (Red Velvet Cupcake). I light them whenever I take baths. With dim lighting, the combination leaves you completely at peace :)

Alapash Terrarium
This baby terrarium holds the cutest cactus inside. It stole my heart the second I saw it at an art fair earlier this year. It hangs from the ceiling and faces the window for just enough sunlight.

 A long-awaited gift from a friend! I will use this iPhone case when I get tired of my other one.


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