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I've officially moved from Tumblr to Pinterest! I love how this site lets you organize all of your photos by category. This way I can review them and find exactly what I'm looking for without searching each individual page. I kind of wish you could design your own layout, like tumblr allows you to, but I'm sure that's next on their list :). Pinterest is the perfect source for killing time and finding inspiration.

a stroll down the magnificent mile

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Today I walked all around downtown for pretty much the whole day with my friend, Aoife. We had a fabulous time taking photos :) along with exploring the Drake Hotel! Below are photos of the outfit that I wore. I don't remember the name of the store that the heels are from, but I know I got them in New York City. I am in love with them, but wish they were a little more comfy to wear ;)

necklace / website, coat / zara, top / lf, leggings / h&m, bow ring / francesca's collection, watch / f21, nails / essie's sand tropez + sally hansen's gilty pleasure, photos / Aoife

And these are two things I purchased at H&M: imitation suede wedges + a gold cuff hair band. Two things that were on my list. Check! ;)

my new lens!

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I've wanted a new lens for my Nikon D40 for a while, but I couldn't decide on which kind to purchase. After narrowing it down to either a 50mm or 35mm lens (nothing extravagant or complex), I decided to go with the 35mm because it is closer to what the human eye sees. I didn't want to worry about being too zoomed in all the time. This way, I won't have to back up as much. I can always crop in Photoshop later on anyway :)

Nikkor 35mm Lens
I think it'll be a great walk-around lens. It also has decent bokeh, which makes me very happy!

things in my room

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A jumble of things in my room:
TopShop Summer 2011 LookBook
As I was coming out of my building the other day, a girl was handing out TopShop's summer lookbook! This may have been my favorite page. There's something about the pastel color palette that really held my attention. I also received Teen Vogue's May issue in the mail ;)

 A friend custom made this triptych for me awhile back. Check out his other paintings here!

 I love displaying my earrings like this! I used an old bureau runner that belonged to my grandmother. The funny thing is that I casually wear less than half of these.

 Below my earring display I have more jewelry and a small perfume collection.
My all time favorites are Chloé and Chanel Mademoiselle <3

I am in love with this gold owl that I found at a vintage shop in Wicker Park. It stands at almost half a foot tall.

Red Velvet Cupcake Candles from Target
These are the best smelling candles (Red Velvet Cupcake). I light them whenever I take baths. With dim lighting, the combination leaves you completely at peace :)

Alapash Terrarium
This baby terrarium holds the cutest cactus inside. It stole my heart the second I saw it at an art fair earlier this year. It hangs from the ceiling and faces the window for just enough sunlight.

 A long-awaited gift from a friend! I will use this iPhone case when I get tired of my other one.

chicago via iPhone + nikon

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I love editing photos on Instagram, so here are some that I wanted to share. This is a pile beginning from earlier in the school year. More will be posted once I visit other places throughout my time here :)

fur vest

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Each day is getting me closer and closer to coming home for summer vacation. The first thing on my to-do list is to find a job. I was thinking of moving in the retail direction, but if that doesn't work out then I might consider waitressing in the city. On the side, I'm also hoping to intern with Wicked Peacock, an up and coming jewelry business that I mentioned in a previous post. I can't wait for all these new happenings to begin!

I got this fur vest back in February at a Macy's in Hartford, CT. I had been on a hunt for a fur vest for some time. Good things happen when you least expect them to :) Like today, I thought it was going to be cold and very cloudy. Instead, it was warm with a little bit of sun!

Look at this chubby little fella I found! He was quite the talker :)

Macy's Faux Fur Vest Forever21 Heels
Macy's Faux Fur Vest
fur vest macy's, cardigan thrifted, tank all saints, bag nyc shop, ring thrifted, bottoms american eagle, boots f21, nails opi's red red rhine

ombré + casual outfit

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Here are a few shots of the outfit I put together today. It's very casual, but I liked the color combinations of white, light blue, and black along with the gold toned jewelry. I'm also revealing my ombré hair after going through many stages of fixing the warmth/orange tint it used to have (and still kind of does). I've been using the Aveda Blue Malva Color Conditioner to tone down the brassiness, and it's actually working... slowly but surely :)

American Apparel Bow and Forever21 Top
Forever21 Top and Free People Bottoms
American Apparel Bow
Forever21 Top and Free People Bottoms
Free People Bottoms and Aldo Booties
bow american apparel, cuff garment district, ring + watch thrifted, top f21, pants free people, boots aldo, nails opi's red red rhine

happy easter weekend!

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This morning I got a text from my mom telling me to check my mail box... and to my surprise there was a big box waiting for me! It was a lovely package for Easter filled with yummy things inside! Can't wait to eat all the goodies :)

Also, the other night a few friends and I were lucky enough to have heard that Ellie Goulding was going to be singing for free at Best Buy on North Clybourn. She was soo good! I loved the little twists she put on each song to make it even better than they already were. Though I couldn't actually see her singing because it was so crowded, here are a couple pics of her giving signatures to fans.

iphone case & kindle

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I got this 2nd edition kindle as a graduation present from high school, and I really haven't used it much until now. It's my new found love. I'm currently reading Catching Fire, which is the second book of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It helped time fly by when I was on my plane from Boston to Chicago. I highly recommend it :)

Yesterday my iPhone case arrived in the mail a whole week earlier than it was scheduled for! I am completely obsessed with it. I read mixed reviews online, but decided to give it a shot anyway and am really glad I did. It's fabulous! I'm considering buying the black version.. but am not sure yet.

Chanel iPhone Case
Kindle Skin
Kindle Skin