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Just wanted to put up a few pictures of me and a couple friends in Montreal because I feel like it's been too long since my last post!

...This is a mix of places; 3 Amigos and Hotel Chez Swann. I ordered the Cosmopolitan and a French Martini :) They were so yummy!

...Colvin and I in front of the beautiful city view of Montreal

...And this is me with Ryan :)

This was my second time going to Montreal, and I had such a wonderful time. I hope to go back soon!

top pitaya, bandeau 344, purse aldo, bottoms american eagle, boots aldo

happy st. patrick's day!

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Today must be the first time I actually celebrated Saint Patrick's Day. It seemed like all of Chicago was outside crowding the streets, so it was nearly impossible to get anywhere! The trains were packed full, so I decided that walking was the best form of transportation. My friends and I checked out the river because every year on this day the city dyes it green. We also saw some of the parade. I thought my green strapless dress was perfect for this day :) Here are some pictures below.

LF Cut Out Green Dress with Gold Beading Summer 2011
Wicked Peacock Feather EarringsLF Cut Out Green Dress with Gold Beading Summer 2011
Forever21 Studded Bracelet
H&M Sandals
 feather earrings Wicked Peacock, dress LF, bracelet f21, bag aldo, sandals h&m

I got my hair dyed after this event at Michael Anthony Salon & Spa. I'm a little self conscious about the color because in some lights it looks okay, but in others it just looks bright orange :/ I think I'm gonna go back to Compagnia della BellezzA to see if they can color correct the ends to not make it look so warm toned. I might post pictures later, depending on how confident I'm feeling :) It's very different from what is shown in the above photos...

Definitely check out the other jewelry on Wicked Peacock's facebook page! Silvana sells beyond amazing designs that are super on trend and totally fabulous. It's looking like her online store will launch in the summer time, so I'll be sure to keep you posted! :)

feels like summer

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I had been waiting all winter long for the cold temperatures to reach the 70's. For the past week, it has really felt just like summer, which makes me so so happy.

Today marks the very start of the fashion section to my blog :)
This afternoon's outfit is shown below. Many many thanks to the lovely Rachel Ruttle for photographing these!! We had so much fun walking the streets of the Windy City on such a gorgeous day.

LF Floral Tail Dress Summer 2011
Forever21 Earrings
Old Navy Jean Jacket
Aldo Messenger BagH&M Sandal Wedges
earrings f21, dress LF, jacket old navy, bag aldo, wedges h&m, nail polish boat house by opi