navy pier snow sculptures

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Keeping up with a blog is a lot harder than I anticipated, but I hope to keep up at least one post per week when the weather gets warmer. If I can reach that, I'll be satisfied enough :)

It  makes me instantly happy when I wake up to find that it is a beautiful sunny day outside. A couple of friends and I made our way to Navy Pier where they were showing snow sculptures. I was expecting the clear ice sculptures, but instead we saw people crafting away with white snow. It was still incredible, and way cool how people can make something so creative out of something so ordinary, like the snow on the ground.

It's too bad this winter is taking a while to kick in. Though I do dread cold weather, it's still nice to see fluffy snow now and again... maybe I'm speaking too soon, but time will tell! To be honest though, I'm kind of ready for the summer :) The cold tends to make me stay inside too often.

Here are a few pictures of my favorites that I also posted on Instagram <-- my new obsession!

Navy Pier
I wish I could remember their titles :(!