Merry Christmas!

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My house turns into a giant factory during this time of the year! We made several kinds of cookies, I can't even name them all. I helped out with the Mexican wedding cake cookies-- I haven't even tried them yet!
Yummy batter for the Mexican wedding cakes
All ingredients mixed well
Ready for the oven!
Rolled in powdered sugar and ready to eat ;)
... home-made ginger syrup for the cocktails!
Hors d'oeuvres: Stuffed mushrooms
Hors d'oeuvres: Stuffed figs
Shrimp dish
Funny Christmas decor :)
Drinks table
Yummy sparkling pomegranate and ginger syrup!
Christmas Eve dinner feast
...what beautiful wrapping!! I'll post some things I opened this morning soon :)

I loved Christmas so much this year, probably because I found much joy in seeing my family open the presents I got them <3

Home for the Holidays!

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After being home for a week, I've finally been able to get back on track a little and find time to get a new post up! I've officially finished off my first semester of sophomore year at Columbia College, and am so happy to be relaxing at home here in Boston with friends and family. I finished my Christmas shopping in a matter of days and wrapped them all yesterday :) I forgot what I asked for this Christmas, but maybe I'll share some things on here.

My lovely chica Erica Caso helped me execute a mini photo shoot in my garage the other day, and here are the finished photos! I can't wait to take more photos over the long vacation. With no homework or job responsibilities on my shoulders and lots of empty days to fill with plans, I'm sure I'll be posting more often :)
tank / urban outfitters, jacket / zara, skirt / tobi, lita boots / jeffrey campbell

And now Erica's beautiful self!
coat / nastygal, boots / h&m

life via instagram

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Just a jumble of things that I've been up to slash eating over the past couple months...
1. Mango and strawberry mochi from Trader Joe's!
2. Marshmallow Latte
3. Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcake
4. Birthday cupcakes from Mom
1. Geja Cafe menu: if you like fondue, you MUST try this place for a special occasion!
2. Appetizers: fruit and bread with cheese fondue
3. Entree: Seafood with 8 different sauces... ugh! So good
4. Dessert chocolate fondue ;)
1. N9NE roasted s'mores dessert
2. Chocolate Mint Truffle tea
3. Sandwiches and pastries
4. Aoife and I at High Tea in the Drake Hotel 
1. My crunch time fashion illustration assignment: watercolor and fine liner
2. Applied Drawing class assignment: colored pencil
3. Bringing some life to my room with pretty flowers
4. Jeffrey Campbell Litas :)


~ ~
I realize it's been lightyears since my last outfit post, so here's a little something in honor of my new job at Zara. Thanks to Aoife Rosso for photographing :) Much love to ya, xoxo!
Michelle Starbuck necklaces from Wicked Peacock
leather jacket and pants / zara, jeffrey campbell lita

A Sneak-Peek for WP Ad

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School has been extremely busy. Midterms have been going on for the past week, so there have been projects and tests, which means lots of studying! I wish I had more time to go out and shoot for the blog, but it can get a little hard balancing a social life amongst getting school work done. My birthday is coming up November 1st; 20 sounds so old! I sometimes still feel trapped at the age of 18, though :)

Anyway, a project that a couple friends and I worked on last weekend was for a short Wicked Peacock ad. We have a rough final in store, and are waiting for last finishing touch ups. I'm so excited to share it, but for now I'd like to show you still frames from the 40 sec film.

Products featured:
Agate Tooth Earrings: NCB Jewelry
Bead Bracelet: Magdalena Stokalska
Nest Ring: Bevin Jewelry

This project was so much fun executing with Aoife Rosso and Patrick Richter. I cannot wait to post the final product. We spent several hours putting together this short ad, and hope to have given justice to the beautiful jewelry.

Are You Spiked for Fall?

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One of my current favorite trends that keeps popping up on the streets is spikes, spikes, spikes! It seems that a couple years ago, spikes geared toward a sort of "punk"or "goth" culture, but now sporting edgy looks can be for everyone. Do you ever feel like your outfit needs an extra kick? Sometimes adding a statement necklace will do the trick, or even choosing an ordinary something with spikes instead of playing it safe in your comfort zone. Be loud and powerful, and try something on with spikes or studs this fall :)! Below are concepts that I think showcase this trend really well.

1. Black Studded Spike Shoulder Blazer (Fashion Union)
2. Bronze Spike Necklace from (Wicked Peacock)
3. Shredded Cutoff Denim Shorts with Side Rivets from (Chicwish)
4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike (Jeffrey Campbell)
5. Oxford Bib Necklace with Studs (Wicked Peacock)
6. Rebecca Minkoff Moonstruck Flap Hobo w/ Spikes

Behind-the-Scenes of "Wicked"

~ ~

In early August, I joined Silvana Costa in New Hampshire to help out behind-the-scenes in Bob Packert's short film concept on good vs. evil starring freelance models Jimmy Trapella, Anna Mills, and Dawnmarie Currier. They all totally rocked it in this dark and erie original piece, and you can check out the finished product below!

Wicked Shoot (Concept by Bob Packert)
Hair: Liz Kidder
Make-up: Teague Vivolo
Styling: Silvana Costa
Jewelry: Magdalena Stokalska and Silvana Costa

Jimmy & Anna
 Teague & Jimmy
 Teague & Anna
 Bob, Jimmy, & Bob Packert (far right)
 Silvana, Dawn, Magdalena, & Anna
 Anna & Liz
Bob Packert

Tamar Toramanian with Wicked Peacock

~ ~
In addition to teaming up with Sadie, Wicked Peacock was also lucky enough to work with Tamar from Model Club Inc. In this shoot, we styled one of a kind products from Sikara Jewelry that looked absolutely stunning on Tamar. Take a look at a few of my favorite shots below.

Styling: Silvana Costa