h&m and forever21

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I went out to dinner to this amazing restaurant called Tamarind last night. I think it's my favorite so far. Their food is so delicious! I ordered stir fry flat noodles and tofu with a spicy sauce on top. I think I get that every time.

Before I went out to dinner with my friends, I decided to head into H&M and Forever21. I've had my eye on a gold sequin top for a while now, so I was thrilled when I saw one at H&M. I think it's perfect for the holidays, especially New Year's Eve! I only got a few things because I didn't have much time, but here are the pictures. Next up will be at Zara

H&M Gold Sequin Top
H&M Black Top with Exterior Zipper
Forever21 Ankle Boot Heels

cozy time!

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These are my ingredients in order to have a nice and cozy night:

Freshman Year Room
1). Lots of blankets and sheets to keep warm

Friends Season 2
2). A good show or movie that makes you laugh

Tea and Brownies
3). A cute little dessert, like these mini brownies covered in powdered sugar

Ceramic Mug
4). And of course, a nice hot cup of your favorite tea.
My favorite these days has been Celestial's Decaf Mint Green Tea

2 new purchases

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I had a very uneventful weekend filled with lots of sitting around and doing homework. I did, however, get to bake Funfetti cupcakes! They are the best when it comes to whipping up something fast and easy. It's the perfect snack to settle down with.

Finals are approaching, and I can feel the stress stirring beneath my skin. I can't wait for winter break! My college is giving a full 4.5 weeks off; how amazing is that :) I'm really looking forward to having some fun.
Tarte Blush in Exposed and Make Up Forever Powder Foundation in #205
I went over to Sephora and purchased Tarte's blush in the color Exposed, and MUFE's Duo Matte Foundation Powder. I lovelovelove these products!
Funfetti Cupcake
And here is one of the lovely little cupcakes I made. It was so yummy